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Veronika SexlName & Address
Veronika Sexl - Professor, MD
Current Position: Full Professor and Head of the Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology,
University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna (VetmedUni), Veterinaerplatz 1; A-1210 Vienna
Phone: +43-1-25077-2910
e-mail:                                    ORCID: 0000-0001-9363- 0412

Main Research Interests
My laboratory has a has a long-standing interest in understanding signaling pathways involved in hematopoiesis, leukemogenesis and NK biology, particularly the role of JAK-STAT signaling in cancer and NK cells. In addition, we have been pioneering recent work on role of the cell cycle kinase CDK6 as transcriptional regulator. We use a broad range of methods and technologies to tackle these questions, ranging from cell and molecular biology techniques using murine and human cells, mouse genetics, leukemia models as well as primary clinical patient material. Hence, we not only perform basic research, but also translational medicine within the field of comparative molecular medicine.

Scientific Education & Career History:
2010                  Head of Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Veterinary University of Vienna
2007                  Professor for „Signal transduction and molecular targeted therapies“ at the Medical University of Vienna
2002                  Medical specialist for Pharmacology and Toxicology – “Facharzt “
2001                  Venia Docendi of Pharmacology and Toxicology (Titel: “Signaling pathways involved in growth and transformation”) Extraordinary University Professor for Pharmacology and Toxicology
1998 – 2000      Postdoctoral fellowship, Dept. Biochemistry, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Labor von Prof. James N. Ihle, Memphis, TN
1996 – 1998      Erwin-Schrödinger-Stipendium/postdoctoral fellowship of the FWF, Dept. Tumor Cell Biology, Labor Prof. Charles J. Sherr, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, TN
1996                  Short term fellowship of three months at the laboratory of James Roberts, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, USA
1992 – 1996      Research Associate, Institute of Pharmacology at the University of Vienna
1992                  Doctor´s degree (MD)
1991 – 1992      Voluntary dissertation at the Vienna General Hospital: “Characterization and in vitro sensitivity testing of a tumor of unknown origin”
1989 - 1992       Scholarship for extraordinarily success ("Leistungsstipendium")
1984 - 1992       Study of Medicine at the University of Vienna

Experience in Scientific Management and Organization & Student Supervision
2014 – 2017      PI for the Translational Training Program in Hematology (TRTH) organized by EHA and the American Society of Hematology (ASH)
2017                  Co-organizer EMBO meeting: Cell death, inflammation and cancer, Obergurgl Austria

Supervision of Doctoral (PhD) Thesis Students (past five years – 17 since 2002)
Wolfgang Warsch - PhD Student 2008-2012
“JAK2-STAT5 signaling in BCR-ABL+ leukemia
Eva Maria Putz - PhD Student 2007-2013
“IFNAR1 & STAT1-S727 in NK cell functions
Angelika Berger - PhD Student 2009-2015
“Stat5  upstream kinases”
Ruth Scheicher - PhD Student 2010-2015
“The role of Cdk6 and JunB in Erythropoiesis and Leukemogenesis”
Dagmar Gotthardt - PhD Student 2011-2016
“The Role of Stat3 in NK cell development and function”
Florian Bellutti - PhD Student 2012-2016
“CDK6 in hematopoietic  stem cell homeostasis”
Eva Grundschober - PhD Student 2012-ongoing
“JAK2/STAT5 in leukemogenesis”
Ingeborg Menzl - PhD Student 2013-ongoing
Linking cell cycle kinases to STAT”
Leo Edlinger - PhD Student 2013-ongoing
“STAT5  transcription factors and serine phosphorylation”
Sofie Nebenführ - PhD Student 2016-ongoing
CDK6 and its interactors”
Daniela Prinz - PhD Student 2016-ongoing
“NKG2D in tumor surveillance”

Invited Conference Lectures (5 recent selected)

  • 2017.-.Second AACR Conference on Hematologic Malignancies: Translating Discoveries to Novel Therapies, Boston, MA, USA
  • 2016 - Keystone Symposia Colorado, USA
  • 2016 - Kloster Seeon Meeting PCCC, Seeon, GER
  • 2016 - Symposium: Translational Immunology, From Target to Therapy, Würzburg, GER
  • 2016 - Dotan Hematological conference, Tel Aviv, ISR
  • 2014 - Plenary speaker PCM2014 Meeting of Paracoccioides & Mycoses, Brasilia, BRA

Honors & Awards

  • 2003 – 2005 - Award for Innovative Interdisciplinary Cancer Research, Vienna Fund
  • 2004 - Billroth-Award of the Austrian Medical Association
  • 2005 - Novartis Prize for Medicine
  • 2006 - Alois Sonnleitner Prize of the Austrian Academy of Science (ÖAW)
  • 2008 - Großer zentraleuropäischer Preis des Fonds der Stadt Wien für innovative interdisziplinäre Krebsforschung
  • 2016 - ERC advanced grant

Most Member of Reviewing Panels, Editorial Boards, Scientific Organizations:
2000 – date       Ad hoc referee for scientific journals and funding agencies including Nature, Blood, JCI
2006 – date       European Academy of Sciences - Member
2012 – 2015      Member of the European Hematology Association (EHA) Fellowships and Grants Committee
2013 – 2018      Elected Member of the Supervisory Board of the Medical University of Vienna “Unirat”
2014 – date       Austrian delegate for EMBO/EMBL
2015 – date       Editorial Board Member for Blood
2015 – 2019      Member of the EHA Board
since 2016         Elected as Chair of the Senate of the University for Veterinary Medicine Vienna
2016                  Elected as Corresponding Member of the Austrian Academy of Science

Important Research Funding (covering last 5 years)

  • 2008-2014, WWTF - FACS typing for therapy response - 654 k€
  • 2008-2016, FWF – Jak-Stat Signalin in Leukemia – 1.100 k€
  • 2012-2017, FWF – Uncoupling CDK6 from p16INK4A – 455 k€
  • 2012-2020, FWF - Doctoral program Inflammation and Immunity - 600 k€
  • 2013-2020, FWF - Myeloproliferative Neoplasien – 800 k€
  • 2016-2019, FWF - CDK8 in NK cells - 450 k€
  • 2016-2020, ERC-advanced grant - CDK6 in leukemia – 2.500 k€
  • 2017-2020, FWF - JAK-STAT signaling - 400 k€

Key International Collaborators (selection of 5 with joint publications since 2012)

  • Tony Green                 University Cambridge, UK 
  • Stefan Fröhling           Nationales. Centrum für Tumorerkrankungen Heidelberg, GER                     
  • Marcos Malumbres     Centro National de Investigaciones Oncológicas ,Madrid, ESP                     
  • Todd Fehniger            Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, USA
  • Andreas Diefenbach  Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, GER


List of Publications (2012 - 2017)
Overall, has  published  more  than 110 publications with a cumulative IF of around yx . Based on Google Scholar the publications received more than xy citations, with a  current life-time Hirsch h Index of zzzz

  • Hantschel O, Warsch W, Eckelhart E, Kaupe I, Grebien F, Wagner KU, Superti-Furga G, Sexl V. BCR-ABL uncouples canonical JAK2-STAT5 signaling in chronic myeloid leukemia. Nat Chem Biol. 2012 Jan 29;8(3):285-93. doi: 10.1038/nchembio.775.
  • Kovacic B, Hoelbl A, Litos G, Alacakaptan M, Schuster C,  Fischhuber K, Kerenyi MA, Stengl G, Moriggl R, Sexl V,  Beug H. Diverging fates of cells of origin in acute and chronic leukemia. EMBO Mol Med. 2012 Apr;4(4):283-97. doi: 10.1002/emmm.201100208. Epub 2012 Feb 9.
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